2 Person Stand Alone Advertising

  • 2 Person Stand Alone Advertising


Stand Alone Advertising : Means your message stands out from competitors unlike local newspapers and radio. Get your advertisement as shown above w/ our LED BACKPACK BILLBOARD!
All Experiential Marketing Teams Include:
*Dedicated Campaigns are 30 hrs. Six days per week , (5 hrs a day Max)
Minimum two (2) person experiential team for each level.
Your Branded Uniform (additional charge)
Client provided collateral (quotes available upon request)
Ability to analyze traffic patterns for maximum exposure
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What People Say

Shout out to (APAM) Big Maine, dude been doing real Promotions before Social Media. Grinding in them Streets like a real Promoter should! He never cared for the limelight just focused on packing the events that he's contracted for!