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Well known and respected in the Pa, NY and NJ region, (APAM) Atown Promotions Advertising Media has effectively mixed professional accountability and street smarts for over 20 years. An Extensive experience coupled with a vast knowledge of the eastern Pa market has established (APAM) Atown Promotions Advertising Media as a reliable marketing and promotions organization based in Lehigh Valley, Pa.

Lead by CEO Jermaine “Big Maine” Warren, A-Town Promotions' expertise provides marketing, promotions and advertisement services for nightclubs, record labels, concert booking and artist management agencies. Jermaine Warren is also an invaluable resource for event coordination, sponsorship arrangements and entertainment venue consultations as well. Overall, (APAM) is equipped to assist in the marketing and promotion of any type of big and small businesses enterprises that wishes to capitalize on the increasingly diverse and urban demographics of the Lehigh Valley.

Born in Georgia, but a native of Allentown, Pa since a child, Jermaine Warren had an early love affair with music, particularly Hip Hop. Warren spent his youthful years break-dancing and faithfully taping mix shows on Philadelphia’s famed WUSL Power 99 FM. Soon after, he began to frequent New York City to witness Hip Hop emerging from the parks of the South Bronx to becoming a full scale business phenomenon. Warren visited legendary Manhattan nightclubs and shopped at the newest “urban” retail stores during this period. While others were just hanging out, Big Maine absorbed it all.

In particular, Warren observed the rise of “street team” marketing as it revolutionized approaches to promotion of not only rap music but all other urban and youth oriented products. Recognizing the lack of this type of cutting edge and highly effective marketing, Warren took what he learned in New York and came back to Allentown to fill the void.

Utilizing this knowledge and tapping into a strong network of contacts throughout the Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and northeast Pa area, Warren launched (APAM) in 1998. Since its inception, (APAM) Atown Promotions Advertising Media has been directly or affiliated with the biggest names and events in the Lehigh Valley urban music scene. In addition to the partial listing of artists below, (APAM) A-Town Promotions was contracted for all of Sony Urban Music's promotions in the eastern Pa region in 2004.

  * 50 Cent
  * Fat Joe
  * Mobb Deep
  * Funk Flex
  * Kid Capri
  * Clipse
  * Fabolous
  * Jadakiss
  * Jim Jones
  * Lloyd Banks
  * Nina Sky
  * Paul Wall
  * Tech Nine
  * Green Lantern
  * The L.O.X.
  * AZ
  * Amerie
  * Beanie Sigel
  * Carl Thomas
  * G-Dep
  * N.O.R.E
  * Onyx
And many more.......

APAM has succeeded because of its years of hands-on experience combined with a relentless grind that comes from a hunger, wisdom and maturity unmatched by any other regional promoter. A-Town Promotions is fully prepared to take your product to that “next level” of visibility and profile, maximizing the talent and investment you have made into any promotions marketing plan or concert event.


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What People Say

APAM- Bigmaine !! Forever be on the grind since day one his cardio game will never be touched by any one in A-town!!! With all them flyers they put on all them windshields back in the day handling his business like no other that's throwback cardio grind right there Keep it up Maine!